An art project has saved Rosa Parks' family home from demolition



The New York Times

Detroit House Preserves Memories of a little known part of Rosa Parks' Life




Holzhaus von Rosa Parks in Berlin



Der Tagesspiegel

Wie Rosa Parks Haus nach Berlin-Wedding kam



Deutschlandradio Kultur

Rosa Parks wohnt jetzt im Wedding



USA Today

Artist brings new beginning for Rosa Parks' Detroit home' Life



NPR Berlin

Life In Berlin: Berlin-Based Artist Ryan Mendoza Opens Rosa Parks’ Former Home in His Backyard




Rebuilding American History in Berlin



Artist Ryan Mendoza to Salvage and Recreate Rosa Parks’ Detroit Home in Berlin



FOX News

Artist to use parts of Rosa Parks home for project



Die Welt

Das ist Geschichte, das kann nicht weg!



Kieler Nachrichten Online

Ein Denkmal auf Reisen – Rosa Parks lebt in BerlinKieler Nachrichten Online


Deadline Detroit

Rosa Parks' Detroit Home Comes Alive in April Exhibit in Berlin



Channel 4

Artist invites Trump & Clinton to sleep in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood



Berliner Zeitung

Amerikanische Geschichte: Rosa Parks' Haus für Berlin




Is Artist’s Detroit House Project Urban Activism or Ruin Porn?



DAMN Magazine

Transplantation, A Chunk of Detroit in Europe



The Guardian

Artist transports Rosa Parks' former Home to Europe



Deadline Detroit

Detroit's Brightmoor Neighborhood: Stuck Between a Trump and a Clinton




L’economia dell’impotenza. Tra Balthus e Mendoza

Ryan Mendoza saluta l’Italia



Deadline Detroit,

A Magical Tale of a Vacant Detroit House That Vanished and Ends Up in Europe



Detroit Free Press,

Artist moves empty Detroit home to Europe — literally




Is Rosa Parks' former Detroit home 'worthless or priceless?'Asks Artist shipping it to Europe




Ceci n'est pas une maison-Ryan Mendoza's White House




Ryan Mendoza at Museo Castel Nuovo




In Ryan Mendoza’s Detroit House, Debris of a Financial Collapse Turns into Relief Aid



Artnet News

'Top 500 Artists from the United States, born 1966 or after-

Will an MFA Make You an Art Star?



La Repubblica

Le Possedute di Ryan Mendoza


Solidarietà con le Pussy Riot alla Sanità con Ryan Mendoza


Arte, doppio scambio tra Napoli e New York, Francesco Clemente, Ryan Mendoza




Künstler Ryan Mendoza wird das abgerissenes Haus der Bürgerrechtsheldin Parks wieder aufbauen



The Creators Project

Why Is an Artist Rebuilding Rosa Parks' Home in Berlin?



Vanity Fair

L'artista e la musa



Fabia Mendoza's 'The White House Documentary', 67 min. to be released in 2017


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